Day 1


Today was the dawn of 30days / 30designs.

As you may or may not know 30days / 30designs is our project, which focuses on what it means to be creative everyday.

Today Marina began with confident excitement, a morning cup of coffee and simply a sketch. Essentially a whole new idea for a whole new blouse, just with the sip of coffee. 

Staying true to the balance that we believe encapsulates our brand, the next step of the day was a morning workout. Now you may think, how is this part of the creative process? But, the morning workout provided time away from the design, which brought clarity to the blouse. We were sure this was the silhouette of the day.

After the team arrived the design was agreed upon quickly. Everyone was inspired, able to envision the blouse, so the fine details fell into place.

Day 1’s blouse focuses on women's shoulders and creating sensuous lines with soft asymmetry. Fine details in collar are mirrored in the cuffs, to create a gentle balance. But, the focus of this blouse is the adjustable collar. Which can change the feeling and mood of the blouse from open and relaxed to edgy and strong.

This blouse is all about fabric touching skin. We envisioned a sensuous elegance to this blouse which is powerful but playful. These feeling are the key to the inspiration and execution of this design.

The team caught up in the feeling of day 1’s design, started quickly working on patterns and once the fabric was cut we could see the design and picture its movement. From there the design processes ran like clockwork, there was an ease created by a strong design, a mood and simple inspiration.

Martin Böttcher