Day 10


Sometimes things do not turn out like you expect.

Day 10 ran smoothly for the team, there's a motivation and strong design for today. But there is an air of disappointment at the end to today's design.

Today started like any other, Marina took the time to get inspired for day 10's blouse. She was encouraged and motivated, that the 30days / 30designs womenswear project is a third complete. It was compelling to her, that in search of intense time she was still finding creativity.

The blouse was inspired by a silhouette of Marinas pervious collection, Black Bee .Therefore, it has elements of layering, asymmetrical cut to show bare skin on the waist and a simple back. This blouse is contemporary and elegant.

But, on the completion of this blouse Marina felt disappointed. It was too close to Black Bee. This was an important milestone in our 30days / 30designs project, as marina Realised taking inspiration from her previous work made it easier, but it did not create the desired effect. Marina does not want to be inspired, she wants to be inspired every single day.
Thus, the daily inspiration should create new silhouettes and new shapes. Means to be creative each day. I would like to know that there is no regret from today's decision.

Martin Böttcher