Day 11


Day 11 passed in a flash.

Marina"s day began with a wellness treatment from her close friend, Silvana. Knowing that she had booked a treatment Marina immediately felt at ease. Silvana is a warm kind-hearted person and knowing this made Marina feel relaxed on waking up today

“Don’t worry my dear, you are in a good way” - Silvana

This statement was said to Marina in her wellness treatment and created a warm relaxed sensation. This sensation partly inspired today. But the main inspiration for day 11’s blouse, came from Silvana.  

Silvana’s day-to-day style consists of a blouse with a pullover, layered on top. You can see the blouses collar popping out of the pullovers neckline. Silvana also always wears her sleeves rolled up to reveal the blouse underneath. This image really inspired Marina, the whole silhouette of today is based on that style.

Day 11’s blouse, is all about volume and the aesthetic of a two layered pieces in one. There is a focus on double sleeves with lines and folds, mirroring Silvana’s style. Once inspected closely it is clear the blouse is just the one piece with subtle modern details in the collar to make the blouse contemporary and fresh.

The silhouette of today is round and voluminous. But due to the movement in the fabric, if there is a gust of wind or the wearer moves you can see the shape of their figure. Making today’s blouse slightly sensuous by giving a small hint of the wears shape.

In the evening Marina caught up with an old friend who she would describe as a mentor - Son Chu (designer based in London). Marina and him chatted over drinks and discussed the project. He expressed his interest and pride in 30 days / 30designs and the effect it may have for the Marina Schwan label.

Martin Böttcher