Day 12


“When words fail music speaks” - Hans Christian Andersen

After enjoying an evening with Son Chu, the team felt confident, strong and ready to tackle the day.

Music and rhythm was the inspiration for day 12. This is becuase Marina is going to a jazz concert to see Jesper Munk. She speaks with passion about his stage presence and style, so much so that this will be the second time she has seen him live.

Marina thought about the similarities between music and clothing, and how each can change your mood and can make you felt confident and free. The team discussed this idea and thought about how a melody makes you feel and more importantly makes you move. The idea developed into how clothes move alongside the body when dancing. This image of clothes moving to music is what today's blouse focuses on.

However, there is also a focus on Jesper Munk himself, as he is masculine but sensitive and has a certain captivating stage presence and style.

Inspired by jazz music day 12’s blouse has stripes down the front to reflect piano keys and voluminous fabric to capture movement. To balance out these details the blouse has a simple strong back. This also mirrors Jesper Munk’s style with subtle, strong masculinity mixed with detailed feminine lines.

Today’s blouse has a sensual but strong nature. There are striking design features in the front heightened by an open area exposing bare chest. We wanted to add a certain risk factor to this blouse. The danger of one more movement causing the blouse to shift and expose the wears chest. This creates a flirty and dangerous element to day 12’s blouse, but in elegant, clean and powerful way.

Martin Böttcher