Day 14


Day 14, was the first day we felt the enormity of 30days / 30designs.

Marina woke up feeling heavy and the weight of the project baring down on her shoulders. 30days / 30designs is physically and mentally exhausting. It requires late nights, early mornings, a lot of organisation and very little down time.

Today there was no inspiration, no imagery and the thought of designing and going to the atelier was difficult. Marina decided to just sit down with and pencil and ruler and start developing the lines.

The words of Marina’s close friends buzzed around her head today - “you must be F*cking crazy to take on such a challenge” and this was the first day Marina agreed.

30days / 30designs is about designing and being creative everyday. But there are stages to turning a design into a finished blouse. There are steps such as pattern cutting and sewing and these take up a lot of time and resources.

Due to the flat challenging mood, today was the first day Marina designed a top rather than a blouse. As she felt like there was not enough energy to create an extravagant piece and detailed blouse. Day 14’s top is a combination of stripes, yokes and soft volume to create space away from the body. Marina noted that subconsciously stripes are her go to design detail on bad days.

Although the design team spent time trying to get in a positive mind-set, today was a struggle. However, we got strength in the knowledge that our project is the first of its kind. We received news that we had a following all the way across the world in Perth (Australia). That there are design students who are getting inspired by our project and applying it to their own work. Knowing this gave us drive and motivation.

We also wanted to take the time today to say thank you to all those people following and supporting our 30days / 30designs project!


Martin Böttcher