Day 15


Yesterday we struggled, but day 15 is a brand new day and we had a brighter perspective and wanted to tackle the day with determination. Today is the official halfway point of 30days / 30designs and everyone involved has something to be proud of!

Today all the team went to exercise together and get in a healthy balanced mind-set before starting the day. On returning back to the atelier Marina and Lina had the conversation - “What are the moments in life you feel most comfortable?”

Before they knew it they were talking about family. Mainly the safety bubble you feel around family and close friends. As they know the true you and you can be yourself and relaxed. This developed into the conversation about the moments you feel most yourself.

We pictured a warm family evening and relaxing over a bottle of wine, in the freedom of being yourself and truly comfortable. This imagery and feeling is what inspired day 15’s blouse. The design for today is based around going to a family event and what you might wear. We considered comfort, but also dressing up to look nice for the people closest to you.

The design today is a double blouse, with raglan sleeves. The main feature and detail in this blouse is a double collar. One collar is open and the other is closed. Both the collars are different sizes and have different designs to create an intriguing shape and contemporary design. There is a low V-neckline to show a little skin, this represents being bare and vulnerable, but safe in the company of people who love you. Day 15’s blouse is about being playful, relaxed but still elegant.

Elegance is important to us at Marina Schwan, as it is not just a style, it is also a personality trait. Today was about creating elegant moments in comfort and feeling yourself in a warm family environment. Day 15 was a long day, but we took comfort in our strong inspiration and the warm feeling of family that inspired the day.   

Martin Böttcher