Day 16


Today we revisited our mood board and immediately we noticed all the colours and vibrancy in its images. This caused us to think of the colours we have used so far in 30days / 30designs.

Unfortunately, we have limited range of test fabrics to create our prototypes designs so we have not had the luxury of experimenting with colours. So, today we go out assorted swatches of fabric and placed them on the mood board. We tried to picture a design that would work in a collar other our test fabric. This helped us think differently about the design and take a different approach to being creative.

The creative atmosphere allowed the design team to think about a more abstract silhouette. We looked back at the past 15 days of design and felt confident and this allowed us to experiment today and free in design and creating something new.

With innovating something new always comes a certain risk factor. But we decided that this project is about being inspired and creative, so it is ok to not to completely love every design as with each design we learn something new.

The idea behind today's blouse is a new abstract piece. That is completely open on the shoulders, with excess volume and cuffs placed disproportionally on the sleeves. There is a horizontal line across the midriff to break up the volume and define a shape. Marina felt the design flow out of her as she sketched todays piece and this made her feel confident.  

This created great atmosphere, the patterning was simple and easy for this piece as the design felt strong. But once the design was complete and placed on the mannequin there was a problem….

There was way too much excess fabric and the volume had not turned out the way we had envisioned in the sketch. Displeased with the silhouette Marina got inspired by styling and played around with different options.

First she tucked the voluminous blouse into a black pair of trousers but the amount of fabric made them bulky. So to compensate for this Marina had a new idea. She unzipped the trousers and pulled the blouse through the hole, to create a geometric black block and a new shape.

This stylistic choice made Marina feel more comfortable with the finial blouse and it created a new inspiration for today, a stylistic one. We have always focused on the blouse itself, but today we end up focusing on how you could wear the design. Therefore, day 16’s inspiration changed towards the end of day similar to the blouses silhouette.

Martin Böttcher