Day 18


Day 18 was a day of change, we broke one of our guidelines for 30days / 30designs. The idea behind this is to enhance creativity and the design experience.

The day started with the team meeting for breakfast, to get out the studio and get a different perspective. After a long deliberation the design team were set on creating a blouse based on stripes.

We returned to the atelier and started working, but suddenly it struck everyone - stripes again!? We were sick of stripes. The team unilaterally decided to scrap the original idea and think of something new. The designs over the past few days had been more abstract and today we decided to take that further.

Day 18 took some inspiration from an unlikely picture in our mood board. This image fitted the tone of our board, but we never thought it would define a design the way it did. This image ended up defining the rest of the project as well as today's piece. Everything is starting new in 30days / 30design. The creative process has hit a new level, which is something to be excited and curious about!

We decided to reduce the design construction period, by using day 8’s pattern. Breaking it down and creating something new. Today's silhouette is fitted tightly against the body, but this very tailored look is balanced out with volume and folds.

Today Marina tried a new design technique, open distressed edges. She had previously disregarded this style and did not associate it with her brand. But we took this technique and paired it with folds and layers to create a new ruffled silhouette. Instantly it became clear one of our guidelines for 30days / 30designs was wrong! Previously, we had let the label define the way we design, but now we want the designs to define the label.

We placed day 18’s blouse on the mannequin and started to create an open blouse, that is very different to what we have created before. Today was about taking a technique Marina was not used to using and adding handcraft to elevate a design


Martin Böttcher