Day 20


The term "geisha" is made of two Japanese words, 芸 (gei) meaning "art" and 者 (sha) meaning "person who does". The most literal translation of geisha to English is "artist".

We have posted this definition today as geisha’s and Asian culture are the main inspiration for Day 20’s design. This all began on day 19 when the team took some time away from the studio and went to a bookshop. We bought a geisha book and the Japanese Kama Sutra, these books are what inspired todays look.

Today we designed for a woman who is strong but sensuous and holds herself in a way a modern geisha would. The design today is close to the body, fitted and has a silhouette based on a kimono. It has small detailing that mirrors traditional Asian clothes.

This blouse is constructed of six layers coming down off the shoulders. Each layer is open, so if you were to pull them apart the body would be exposed. This is to play with hidden sexuality, in the form of a body that is covered up but so close to being free. Day 20’s blouse is our interpretation of flower leaves circling around the body. The design today is what a contemporary geisha would wear; it is elegant, strong, sexual and a moving piece of art.

Another inspiration for today was the presence of Isabell, Marinas long term friend. Marina and Isabell used to work together (Marina was her design assistant). So, they have enjoyed a close working friendship and having her around the project allowed for them to reminisce and talk creatively.

Isabell’s presence created a warm support today, there is a certain understanding between her and Marina, some would call it designers respect. This respect and the memories of designing together brought joy to the atelier and allowed for the facilitation of the blouse design process.

Martin Böttcher