Day 21


Day 21 was a heavy day it wasn't becuase a negative mood, but because there is a substantial physical toll to create a new design everyday.

However, some of this burden is revealed today! Thanks to the experience and help of Jolanta. Jolanta is a seamstress and tailor who Marina has worked closely with since the start of the Marina Schwan label. She is a true expert in her craft and has 35+ years of experience. This knowledge is vital and irreplaceable in 30days / 30designs.

Todays blouse is based on minimalist architecture and crafted from stripes. Day 21’s blouse was incredibly technical to create, but looks simplistic to a none designer eye. This is something Marina associates with her label a simple appearance, but an intricate carefully thought out design. This blouse is for a woman who is not afraid to show her body as the waistline is exposed. The blouse captures the imagination of a confident contemporary women, it is built around their bodies and provides structural support enhancing their shape and confidence.

The stripes from today's blouse replicate the basic lines of architecture, which are bold and provide structural support. Each line has value and is reinforced in every seam. Day 21's blouse has no sleeves, but two lines coming to provide movement and create elongated lines, which adds to the architectural power of this blouse.

On a final note 30days / 30designs is made possible by the support of a strong team. Each person is sharing their own knowledge, time and expertise which is vital in a project like this!

Martin Böttcher