Day 22



Minimalism was an art movement that occurred post WWII in western society. It was adapted into fashion under the pretence less is more. This does not mean less fabric, it means simplicity. Minimalism in fashion is about taking the focus off the details and placing it in something simplistic, for example the fabric colour or silhouette. This is often mistaken for being easy to design and create, it is not. This from of design requires a mathematical eye, to ensure everything is balanced, from the colour to the hem to make sure no detail is too overpowering.

As you may have guessed, day 22’s blouse is all about minimalism. The blouse has no collar, cuffs, buttons or details in the front or back. This is to create a pure blank canvas of fabric that moves in a natural way, not interrupted by detailing.

However, the sleeves today break the simplistic silhouette of the body. The sleeves are based on destruction and taking a traditional sleeve and elevating it. But the sleeves are still made out of minimalistic stripes, to stay true to the inspiration of today. The blank canvas of the body allows for a focus on the architectural sleeves, which add a luxurious element to this blouse.

Today we enjoyed working with minimalism. We did not create a sketch and instead focused on construction and building the blouse in a natural way.

Martin Böttcher