Day 24


Today we realised that 30days / 30designs has weird coincidence, somewhat like a “curse”.

During this project we have noticed that the days with a 4 in them, have been by far the most challenging. Day 4 was the first day we struggled with 30days / 30designs. While day 14 was the first day we felt the physical toll of this project.

To aid todays process, the design team created a collage and worked from there to get inspired. But day 24 was riddled with a negative feeling and a lack of strong direct inspiration. Today Marina created a sketch and started to cut the patterns with the design team, but a certain frustration hung in the air. There was no energy to this design, no strong inspiration. Just a design for the sake of designing, and this did not sit well with Marina.

The process was long and arduous, there was no love in this design and the stress of today weighed on everyone. However, we did all power through today and day 24’s blouse is complete, but it definitely is not our proudest piece.

One of the hardest parts of today came with taking the final picture of the design. Marina looked upon day 24’s blouse and felt disappointed, she could barely look at it let alone take a photo. At this point I would like to mention we accepted at the beginning of this project that every design might not be perfect. 30days / 30designs is about inspiration and what it takes to design and try find creativity each day.

Today was hard, there is no hiding that! But still we created a 24th design and got through the day, with the confidence tomorrow will be better and that this project is something to be proud of as a whole body of work.

Martin Böttcher