Day 28


Some days are just harder than others and today was a struggle, 30days / 30designs was on a low.

Marina felt the project coming to a close and it brought on a mixture of thoughts and feelings. It came to her attention that although the project was ending, creativity is limitless, exponential and will always be present - But how was it going to influence today?

This thought left Marina stuck, she had no strong inspiration for today, just a few dark images that had caught her attention on the mood board. These images somewhat matched dark sombre mood of today.

Day 28’s design has no direct inspiration, not even a sketch! Marina and the design team just decided to work a see what the could create out of nothing. I guess some could say nothing inspired today, just the drive to create.

Today’s blouse is soft and elegant, it plays with a closed traditional front with an elongated 70’s style, closed collar. The simplistic front is balanced out with volume in the sleeves, creating a layered ruffled texture when rolled up.

The most striking feature in this blouse, is when the wearer turns around to reveal a completely bare open back. Day 28’s blouse is the second blouse in this project with a strong focus on the back. Marina wanted to focus on balancing soft skin and feminine curves with hard masculine lines. This is why today's design has a straight line across the back, parallel to the shoulder line as it balances out the vulnerability and softness of an open back. This blouse is for a woman how dares to be different and isn't afraid to show some skin.

Marina and the design team wanted this blouse to be elegant but strong and to reflect the elegance and strength of the label.

Today was a hard day. But the team created something beautiful out of nothing, this blouse grew over the day. It developed and changed in a natural way to reflect the strength and femininity of the Marina Schwan Label.

Martin Böttcher