Day 3


30 days / 30 designs is a project dreamt up by the Marina Schwan team and we are delighted to execute this project and publish everyday!

Day 3 started off with a different process and a collaborative focus. There was no initial blouse idea before the team's arrival. Instead on arrival we went outside and soaked up the bright Berlin sun. We sat outside for 15 minutes in the carefree sunshine and the strong cool air, there was a feeling that Berlin’s dark winter was over and we were welcoming the bright new season.

This mood and team spirit created a feeling of lightness which inspired today's blouse. There was no need for a sketch, the idea was firm in everyone's mind. The design team immediately started working on the patterns of the blouse.

Have you ever had an idea so strong in your mind that it's all you can see, think about and look forward to?

That feeling is exactly how we felt today, day 3`s blouse was all our design. A mixture of elegant elements came together to create this piece. As you know blouse is inspired by lightness and air, which is shown by the transparent nature of the fabric and the voluminous silhouette. The whole blouse is soft and gentle, feminine and light like the soft sunshine of today. There are also elements of draping creating an elongated oval cut-out in the back. This is to reveal bare skin and create a feminine silhouette.

Take the time to picture a woman's back framed by soft transparent fabric, you can see the fabric ripple with the movement of the women wearing it. Pure elegance and luxury encapsulates this image. The team could picture this and design to this imagery.

The whole day continued in this airy-light mood. We even prepared a light healthy lunch balanced with a soft crisp white wine. The mood of the day had captured us all and this mood had become the aesthetic of the blouse.

Martin Böttcher