Florinel’s Day


Day 30 - Florinel’s day 

Florinel Frătică is the photographer who inspired the blouse design on day 2 of 30days / 30designs. Marina has been following him for over a year on social media and today we had the honour of him documenting the last day of our 30days / 30designs project.

This was incredibly important to us, as his photography was one of the first images on our mood board and helped inspire the tone of this project. It seems right that an image, that aided the projects development became part of the projects end, drawing a full circle around 30days / 30designs.

The day began with Florinel’s arrival. It was a pleasure to meet him personally as Marina had only followed his work from afar. He brought a relaxing but excited atmosphere with him today, as Florinel had never seen the backend of design. He has often photographed fashion but never been part of its creation.  

So, today he saw the whole process, experienced it as a whole and even participated in making todays design. We left the whole documentation process of today up to him. We wanted him to put his signature on the day and not to effect his creative process, but allow it to run parallel to ours.

Day 30’s design was also inspired by out mood board. We moved around images and created new combinations to facilitate the design process. The aim was to take old inspiration and create something new with it. The blouse today is made out of white fabric, there is a focus on soft lines and folds. We wanted to play with elegance and sex.

This design is about playing with femininity in a daring way, being draped in fabric in one place and exposed in another. There is also a slight play with cuff lengths to create intriguing, subtle detailing in today's blouse. Knowing this was our finial design was hard, there was the constant feeling in the back of everyone's mind - is this the one we want to end on?

It was amazing to have Florinel document our final day, when we saw the final images we were amazed at how he had captured the day and the design process. As I mentioned before it was important and felt right to end 30days / 30designs with a similar inspiration to how it began. Even though the inspiration was similar Marina as a designer was in a completely different mental space, this project had open her mind.

30days / 30designs developed as project during this month, the rules changing alongside our priorities. On key change was focusing less on the quality of the finial blouse design and more on creating the time to allow for ideas.

Marina feels that 30days / 30designs showed her that creativity is all around her and that she just touched it with this project. 30days / 30designs was a huge personal experience for Marina as well, she truly realised the depth of the support system around her and the importance of having a strong team.

Marina also discovered a lot about herself and what its like to create with different moods, what it’s like to create when you have nothing and what its like to create is such an intense time with people all around you. But, in each design of this project Marina can see new details, silhouettes and shapes that she want to take further as a designer in her future collections. 


The Marina Schwan label had been opened and freed by 30days / 30designs. The label no longer defines the designs, but the designs now define the label.

“I am glad I did this project, as it makes me feel like I am on the right path. As an artist and as a designer, I believe you should break the rules every day! Try new techniques, crafts and styles to break down comfort zones. You have to break everything down to build it up stronger - If have a routine you are in a comfort zone and it needs to be broken, to grow as a designer and also as a person” - Marina Schawn

Martin Böttcher