Day 5


Day 5 is closely linked to day 4 - As you may remember day 4 was the first difficult day of 30days / 30designs.

Due to day 4’s difficulty and flat mood, the team surrounded themselves with people who support them and the 30days / 30designs project. We drank wine, played games and this created a relaxed atmosphere which allowed everyone to unwind.

Suddenly day 4 blended into day 5. It was 3am and everyone had left in a good mood, this mood allowed day 5’s design to blossom in Marina’s head right before falling asleep.

Due to the late evening last night, today started a little later. After a relaxed morning and some lunch. The team meet outside the atelier in Kreuzberg (Berlin) for some coffee and to talk about the blouse design of the day. Following this the design team (Marina and Laura) returned to the studio to focus on creating the blouse.

Day 5’s blouse is inspired by day 4. Some of the design elements from day 4 where adapted and reshaped to create an entirely different look. The relaxed atmosphere and support provided by the evening before is a big part of today's inspiration. It freed up the design team’s minds and allowed them to start today inspired, relaxed and excited to execute this blouse.

Today's blouse plays with lines similar to day 4. But today the team played with layering and creating shadows. Volume is a key aspect of today's blouse but there is also a strong focus on the sleeves. We like to think of the sleeves as two flowers encapsulating an arm, which creates an elegant feminine shape and a gentle touch to this blouse.

There is a magic to this blouse, which would have not been possible without the struggles of day 4. It was empowering for the team to move on from a difficult day and tackle today with such creative focus.

Martin Böttcher