Day 6

“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person” — Oscar Wilde

Day 6 has been the first day Marina designed alone, since the being of the 30days / 30 design project.

This time alone allowed for a slow start in the morning, where Marina was able to organise and clean her workspace. The morning was spent leisurely and allowed for Marina to go through her books. She was not looking for inspiration but enjoying the memories of the special pages in each book. Especially the book “Textilien Handwerk und Kunst”, its images helped inspire today with its fine lines and masculine touch.

“Everyone should have their own personal library” — Marina Schwan

Due to day 6 being a peaceful solitary day, Marina worked in silence enjoying its presence. She did not even listening to music and for all of you who know Marina, you will know she does this rarely and often has a backdrop of sound while she works.

But, today the silence was welcome, it was her day. Therefore, she designed for herself. Day 6’s blouse is simple but strong playing with fine lines and subtle masculine elements. These elements are shown in the yokes which creates powerful shoulders. The blouse has a classic collar and dainty elegant detailing in the sleeves. The blouse matched the day it is clean, clear and simple.



Martin Böttcher