Day 9

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Day 9 was a day for reflection.

Marina woke up and started the day a slow morning, focusing on taking time for herself. This allowed for her to pick up a book of photograph and flick through it’s content. One photo jumped out at Marina and go her thinking.

It was a photo which reminded her of her childhood in Kazakhstan. Not so much a reflection of herself as a child, but a reflection of the boys she used to play with growing up. The image looked familiar and brought back strong memories. Marina felt warm and content with the recollection of her childhood and a clear image of the late 80’s, early 90’s style stuck in her mind.

Day 9’s blouse is simple, and follows a similar style and shape to the clothes worn by boys in the 80’s/ early 90's. The blouse all about the warm reminder that Marina associates with her childhood friends. It is a boyish style blouse which short sleeves and a childish silhouette, but it is heightened with elegant fabric and a dainty collar

Minimalism and simplicity is key to this design. As Marina remembers her childhood as a simple time. The key to this blouse is sophistication, elegant details and a boyish silhouette.

Overall today was all about reminiscing on childhood and how it was a simpler time. The blouse is sort of like Maria’s way of saying “thank you for the memories and I still remember you!”

Martin Böttcher