30days / 30designs all stemmed from a conversation with an artist - “Is there a difference between art and design?”. This question inspired Marina Schwan and got her thinking about the techniques both art and design share, and this grew into 30days /  30designs. The project will focus on what it takes and what it means to be creative everyday under the public eye.

On the 1st of March 2018, Marina Schwan alongside a small team will take on the challenge of creating 30 prototype designs everyday for 30 days, starting from the initial sketch until the final garment. These designs will be executed as prototypes, however produced with the high quality that is inherent to the label.

There will be a wide range of ways you will be able to follow this project. First there will be an introductory and conclusive video, which will be shared on this blog, Facebook and LinkedIn. These videos will showcase the designer, Marina Schwan and her inspiration. This blog will be updated everyday throughout the project to share the close insights of each day. We will also post a summarising weekly video to display the footage of the project. On Instagram there will be daily posts and stories showcasing the design process, inspiration and the final designs themselves.

We would like you to interact and have a voice in 30days / 30designs, as we would like you to become part of the design process and shape the next blouse collection. We encourage you to comment on social media and at the end of the project we will host a vote here. Essentially this project is a platform for you to select what you would like to see from Marina Schwan.

Marina Schwan will share her artistic journey along with her personal mission to approach fashion from another angle. 30 days / 30designs is about working with the same expectations as an artist - to be creative every day. Within these 30 days Marina Schwan will make the design process an extremely important part of her work, the project is more than just creating everyday its is about designing everyday.

We hope you enjoy taking this journey with us.


If you like to learn more about the team of Marina´s Project please click here.

If you just like to have a quick overview of all the 30 designs, then please visit our Project-Gallery.