Day 27


Day 27 was inspired by the book Salt Pans by Edward Burtynsky.

This book is a collection of photography by Burtynsky, when he travelled through India to visit salt workers. These images consist of muted colours and rectangular shapes, emerging on dark grey landscape. Marina fell in love with this book as soon as she saw it and brought it straight away during our bookshop trip last week.

These shapes and odd patchwork effects were a clear inspiration for today, alongside functionality. The team were discussing a functional blouse before picking up Salt Pans and soon the two ideas melded together and turned into the key inspiration for today's blouse.

Day 27’s design is an oversized blouse with a low shoulder line, large voluminous sleeves and a collar with a clean cut angler 70’s style. The blouse’s silhouette is about oversized ease, but still elegant in the fabric choice and the fine detailing.

The standout feature of today's design is pockets. These pockets are all over the blouse in different shapes and sizes. They are created by pastel fabrics layers on top of each other, to mirror the effect and visuals of Salt Pans. Today you can clearly see the inspiration in the blouse’s design and the design team were excited to execute this piece

Also today was the first day of 30days / 30designs where the team played with colours. The design team used soft pastels to reflect the inspirations colour palette. The team found the use of colour refreshing. As during 30days / 30designs all the blouses have been made out of the same 3 colours, so a change was welcome.

Another fact about today is, that it was one of the few days the design team ended up working extremely late! This is because this piece required a lot of handcraft and sewing to create the intricate pockets. However, the design team were swept up in the strong inspiration and really enjoyed a change in colours and the handcraft element of today.

Martin Böttcher