Day 8


Day 8 is inspired by women

Today is international women's day and this is the inspiration we used for todays blouse. The team decided not to focus on the history of women or womenswear but the strength, power and sensuous nature of women.

The day began with Marina’s ritual, morning endurance workout. Followed by a breakfast in Rosenthaler Platz with Laura. It was at this breakfast, where the initial ideas for the design were formed.

Before arriving at the atelier the team bought flowers to remind them of the beauty, freshness and elegance we like to see in our womenswear. The team looked at books and art for further inspiration. We also took inspiration from the women we picture wearing our label. A woman who actively reads, enjoys art, works intensely and carries herself with elegance but power.

So, it was this woman we designed for today. Therefore, day 8’s is a combination of a blazer and a blouse. Picture someone in a blazer, they hold themselves differently too when they’re wearing a t-shirt. There is a assertive powerful nature to a blazer and we wanted this presence in our design.

However, we wanted to ensure we include a sexuality to this blouse, so there is a deep V-neckline exposing the wearers chest. We believe this is an important element to our blouse. A woman can be powerful, elegant and sexy, all at the same time.

The empowered feeling of today made the day 8 run quickly and smoothly. If you are a woman reading this blog post today take a minute to appreciate yourself and what it means to be a woman!

Martin Böttcher