Day 17


In 30days / 30designs we are grateful to our family and friends, they have provided so much support and encouragement.

Today Marina’s close friend Khadija came over to the atelier. Alongside Kaleb, a producer and friend, who created our 30days / 30designs introductory video. Marina enjoyed a meal with them and they created a positive atmosphere, by providing supportive and flattering feedback. They were both in awe at what Marina and the team has done so far, and asked how it was even possible! - This brought a warm light feeling to the rest of the day.

If you have read yesterday's blog you will know that we were more abstract with our design and styling. This abstract thinking became the inspiration for today. We wanted to take the designs and 30days / 30designs further. Our confidence had been boosted by the kind, warm-hearted words of Khadija and Kaleb. Both of which are people Marina trusts and is thankful too! As they have provided so much support, emotionally and creatively during this project.

Khadija is a singer; who Marina has known for a year. They instantly became close friends with an honest and warm relationship. This friendship and the warm light environment of today increased the design team’s creativity and allowed them to push the design process further.

Earlier I mentioned that we took an abstract direction today and this has been expressed with collars - Quite literally collars everywhere! Meaning that day 17’s blouse is not a traditional piece. We wanted to play with the unexpected and not be afraid to create something different. Day 17’s blouse is made up of several collars across the shoulders, waist and hem line making this piece striking and assertive, there is a powerful aura to this blouse.

As always we like to keep our aesthetic elegant, but today we wanted an abstract elegance. The design is something a graceful but confident women would wear, with an elegant ease. Simply today's design is a one sleeved blouse with collar details in unexpected places to create an interesting contemporary piece, with a slightly crazy silhouette.

Martin Böttcher