Day 29


Todays design what completely inspired by the Marina Schwan Logo.

So, today it seems relevant to share the story behind the Marina Schwan logo. The original logo was the image of an origami swan with crisp lines and blatant folds. But Marina felt something was wrong, there was no gentle elegance to this design. Soon she began to play with the logo design and soften it to create the abstract origami swan inspired design, we have today. This logo like the Marina Schwan brand it's the play between gentle and strong, masculine and feminine.

Day 29’s is design is a simplistic white blouse. But today's design is heightened by exquisite handcraft. Today the design team used 3 shades of white to create 3 different sizes of the Marina Schwan logo. Each piece of white fabric is the outline of the logo and they are individually layered on top of each other to create a floral feather like effect.

These individual handmade pieces were sewn onto the blouse, to create a whole new texture and heighten the appearance of the design. Each of these logo layers were complex elements of handicraft. This technique was inspired by day 27, as the design team enjoyed executing this piece and the handmade quality that went into it.

Towards the end of this project it was important for Marina to further push herself as a designer and push her creativity. Today's blouse is an example of that as the design is taking the Marina Schwan logo, a key part of the brand and turning it into something new. Day 29 was the first day Marina was happy to work in shades white. To create a 3D logo that played soft shadows dancing across the pure white blouse, on which they were placed on.

Martin Böttcher